The value of labeling cannabinoid profiles on cannabis products is not lost on patients who rely on that information to gauge dosages and plan therapies, even when they have to design their own products.

So it is not surprising that a family-owned grow facility that has developed medicinally-focused cannabis tincture to treat son’s epilepsy has also developed a CBD product line that clearly labels CBD to TCH ratios: 3:1 (nearly no euphoria), 2:1 (mild euphoria) and 1:1 (moderate euphoria).

Made from Cannabinol (CBD), the medicinally-focused product line was inspired by owner Zac Larsen and his wife Summer’s need to treat their son’s severe seizure disorder. Now Green Stop has announced the rollout of KJL Compounds, a reliably-formulated cannabis medicine available in three dosage ratios.

Cannabinoid profile labeling is wave of future

While most CBD product labels have typically been light on details, making it difficult for consumers to know what they’re buying, KJL Compounds (named after Larsen’s son, Kingsley James Larsen, age 8), seeks to provide a responsible alternative by calling out exactly what’s in each product. Larsen uses the 3:1 tincture on his son and has seen a decrease in his seizures from 15-20 to 2-4 per day.

“Medically formulated but recreationally available for users 21+, KJL Compounds embodies cannabis with clarity by precisely labeling dosage ratios,” said Larsen. “Our journey with Kingsley has allowed us to help many other people seeking cannabis for medical treatment and we’re excited to continue providing education, knowledge and access to the best CBD products.”

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